Storage Trunks

Our decorative trunks in oak or cherry simulated woodgrain finish feature sturdy wood construction. Each trunk’s brass-plated hardware includes high conductivity copper castings heavy duty “stay” hinges and handles for easy lifting.

These attractive, versatile decorator trunks are an asset to any home décor.  They are so sturdy, you can even sit on them!
These attractive trunks are functional, too!
Take advantage of their roomy interiors to store:

      •   Cassettes/CDs
      •   Books
      •   Linens
      •   Off-season clothing
      •   Scrapbooks
      •   Photos/slides
      •   Keepsakes

Woodgrain Cube Trunk
Can be used as:

    •  End table
    •  Storage
    •  Night Stand
    •  File Cabinet
    •  Plant Stand
    •  Magazine rack and more!

These trunks are sturdy wood construction covered with oak or cherry simulated woodgrain finish. (oak shown)
 Features include:

      •  Heavy duty stay hinges
      • Self-storage near me
      •  Handles for easy lifting
      •  Brass-plated hardware
      •  Tongue and groove closure
      •  Brass-plated rivets for strength
      •  Strong enough to sit on

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