Sauna FAQ

  1. What is a genuine Finnish sauna?
    A sauna is a traditional form of bathing which has been used for centuries in Finland. This form of “hot and cold bathing” entails heating the body in a room made of woodin hot-dry air and cooling it down again with outside air and cold water. The sweating and cooling detoxifies the body in a natural way, strengthens the body’s resistance to colds and produces a general sense of wellbeing.

2.What wood should be used to build a sauna?
The wood of the Finnish Nordic spruce – a high quality wood that is sufficiently fine grained and hard to be used to build a sauna, will keep its value and creates an optimum bathing atmosphere and grows slowly only near to the polar circle in the severest weather conditions.

3.What is the importance of the stove to a sauna?
The stove is the “heart” of the sauna and is crucial for the atmosphere in the sauna. It should be designed in such a way that it mainly produces radiant heat. As only radiant heat can be distributed evenly in a room and thus produces a balanced and gentle bathing temperature.

4.What power connection is needed for a sauna?
In the veto-electro stoves of Muko Oy for example a power connection of 400 V is provided for safety reasons above a power of 4.9 kW.

5.Are there hygienic problems associated with a sauna?
Even when the sauna is being used correctly sweat and biocides are deposited on the interior walls and sauna benches. Therefore, when purchasing a sauna it is important to make sure that the benches are designed to be practical and flexible. With a patented, diagonal sliding bench system a thorough cleaning of the interior of the sauna is possible, as the sauna benches can be pushed back to the wall. A log sauna can also be cleaned using water and liquid soap because of the high quality of the wood.

A ct sauna may have it’s own questions, but there’s no doubt about how these saunas can benefit you.

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