More, less-invasive options for diagnosis

More, less-invasive options for diagnosis
Formerly, the only way to obtain tissue was with an “open surgical biopsy.” Done in the hospital operating room under local or general anesthesia, the Linden back doctor makes a one-and-a-half to two-inch incision in the breast to obtain the tissue. With this procedure, scarring and breast disfigurement can occur. While open biopsy may sometimes be necessary, fortunately there are now less-invasive options.

One, a procedure known as “image-guided biopsy,” involves inserting a needle with a special cutting edge into the suspicious area – frequently with the aid of ultrasound to remove small slivers of tissue. According to Dr. Fay, this procedure is done with local anesthesia, requires no stitches, and leaves no scar. The latest innovation in image-guided biopsy is large-core needle stereotactic breast biopsy, which was recently introduced at Emerson Hospital (see related article).

Ms. Thakur underwent a core biopsy in late June and received the results a few days later. Says Dr. Resciniti, “I always tell patients to call me for the biopsy results, rather than the other way around, so they have control over where they are when they get the news.”

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