Five Events You Should Hire A Caterer For

Event planning is a huge undertaking for anyone, between managing time and hosting it can seem like
an impossible task. So, why overcrowd your plate with food preparation when you could hire an Orlando
Catering Service to do it for you!

1. Corporate Function
a. Between stuffy suits and practicing the right handshake, corporate events are stressful
enough as is. If you’ve been tasked with organizing an event don’t fret the small stuff.
Catering companies live and die by deadlines. Just give the necessary information and
an approved menu and the corporate execs will be thanking you for a delicious meal.
Look on the bright side, at least it’s on the company’s dime.

2. Milestone Birthday
a. Now, we wouldn’t recommend you hire a company to tackle every birthday, but for the
important ones a good caterer can take your mind off getting older and provide an
opportunity for you to mingle with friends and family. We recommend these catered
birthday events for every 10-year milestone. Your friends and family will celebrate your
life and enjoy a nice seared salmon kabob. It’s a win-win for everyone!

3. Anniversary Party
a. The most special day in any married couple’s life. Every now and then, you want to
celebrate your enchanted love with your closest friends and family. Catering for
anniversary parties can center on the meals you and your partner most or enjoy or if
you have a knack for nostalgia the company can even remake your first date meal for all
your honored guests. They’ll know why, exactly, you fell in love.

4. Baby Shower
a. No expecting other or overly excited grandmother should have to worry about making
100 Swedish meatballs or designing a cake in the shape of a pacifiers. Every baby
shower should be catered for an exceedingly festive event. Buying gifts and crying
during the gender reveal should be the only concern of the organizers.

5. Organization Gala
a. Much like the corporate event, an organization’s gala can be very stressful. There are a
slew of members who come from various backgrounds and regions and you have to
ensure that they’ll all happy by the end of the event. Organization galas are a great
opportunity to use themed or specialty catering companies. They can make special
dishes for your special guests.

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